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Cascading Dropdowns not working.

Question asked by lsmunch on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by teddy0bear

Hello everybody,


recently I got the requirement to add filtering to certain dropdowns based on another dropdowns value.

Since both of the dropdowns are list lookups and the second dropdown's source list has a lookup to the source list of the other one, I thought cascading dropdowns would be the best solution.

I quickly whipped up 3 test lists. ZID-Abteilungen (with information on our orgs divisions), ZID-Teams (with information about our orgs teams and a lookup to the ZID-Abteilungen list to identify the division they're part of) and Cascading Dropdown Test (a list to test the cascading dropdown functionality, as the name implies. It features a lookup to ZID-Abteilungen and ZID-Teams).




In the nintex form for the Cascading Dropdown Test I put two list-lookups (from the "list columns" section):

I left the lookup control for "ZID-Abteilungen" as it was and configured the control for "ZID-Teams" as follows:

I published the form and tested it. When I chose a division, the team-lookup was "disabled" (no options to chose from).

I was quite confused. I started looking around for solutions on the nintex community and found a couple of posts, none of which seemed to solve the problem. I then implemented a tip from Marian Hatala to put a calculated value on the form to check whether everything works out. I configured the calculated value as follows: parseLookup(AbteilungLookup,true).

I then tried filtering the control (for the team lookup) by that value, but it still wouldn't work.


Last I tried to set the filtering criteria to "by specific value" and put one "IT-Solutions", I previewed the form and voilà, it worked. So it seems that the filtering should work, but not "by a control's value".


Does anyone maybe have a clue what might be happening here?


Kind regards,