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Question asked by goodplans4us on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by pyae

Hello! I am creating required rules for questions on a Nintex Form. There are 6 flows for the form. The line where I am having an issue is in the Member/Marketing/Community Org. flow. When Someone selects MMCO and then for ProjectJobType they select Advertisement the Mass Media question that was previously hidden now shows and should be required. Similarly when someone selects the call or text Automated OUtreach, the formerly hidden question about the TCPA form shows and should be required.   In the below formulas it is successfully flagging as required and is able to determine if the question is completed to move on, but, if someone selects any other job type (than those 3) the Mass Media question and TCPA form questions are still required. Please help!


Whattypeofjobareyousubmitting=='Member/Marketing/Community Org.'&&ProjectJobType!='Advertisment'&&MassMediaType==''


DidYouFillOutTheTCPAForm==''&&ProjectJobType!='Automated Outreach - Outgoing Call Script'||ProjectJobType!='Automated Outreach - Text'