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I am attempting to set the "Title" attribute of a List Lookup control set to display as a "multi select" list of options. It appears that when I assign a javascript variable to the control, that javascript variable isn't representing the control directly, but rather some hidden text box somewhere.  This leaves me with no options to use

I`m fresh in nintex workflow, I have a URL that retrieve data as  {"GetEmpAnd3MgrsInfoResult":[{ "FirstName":"َAmir", "FamilyName":"Asad", "FullName":"Amir Asad", "Department": "HR", "RegistryNo":"25" }] } well, I need FirstName,FamilyName,... to update list item. I use web request  and query xml but did not work well. please
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So I made a rooky mistake and thought I would share so that you can all see that I am only human too, and sometimes, no matter what experience you have working with certain technologies, oversights can be made... I had a very old solution (not mine) that used an InfoPath form and a workflow that run on all updates with a Run if action at the very